Tow Times Features Pennsylvania Woman of Towing

The following is the Woman of Towing article in the February 2022 issue of Tow Times magazine, featuring Gwen Null. The article was written by Tow Times’ Assistant Editor Maria T. Padilla. This article is reposted below with permission from Tow Times magazine.

‘Gwen Null is at a turning point in her life. After decades in towing and recovery at the family-owned firm in Cochranville, Pennsylvania, she may be hanging up the chains in the not too distant future. “My husband and I are trying to fade into the sunset a little.”

Unlike many other towing company owners whose offspring do not want to follow in their parent’s footsteps, there’s a third Null generation waiting in the wings. Jared, 33, the middle of three children, is likely to assume the reins.

“He’s ready now, but we just need to release it to him. He’s fully capable. He’s going to take it to a whole other level.” She is proud that Jared is hazmat certified and launched a company that conducts site recovery restoration.

And that’s not all. Jared and dad Dain each have been chosen as a Top 10 WreckMaster of the Year — Jared in 2009 and Dain in 2002. No slouch, Gwen reached WreckMaster 4/5 and has a CDL as well. “Towing is important for us. It’s what we do and and what we love.”

All three children have first responder firefighter training, and Null herself trained as a nurse. The entire family has been involved in Null’s Towing, located in eastern Pennsylvania and founded in 1958 by her father-in-law Charles Null. Like many long-time towing companies, it was first a gas station. ‘

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