About Us

The Pennsylvania Towing Association (PTA) was established in 1986 when a group of towing operators saw the need for an organization dedicated to the towing industry in Pennsylvania — one that would address business owner’s needs and issues. The PTA was created as a resource and support group to foster and promote the interest and welfare of towing, storage and recovery operators in Pennsylvania.

In the beginning, just 20 people put in $1,000 each to establish the PTA. A second group of people – our founding members – donated $100 each. Those early members, several of who formed our early steering committees, made this association possible.

Benefits of Joining

Our association can:

  • supply pertinent information concerning your industry or business,
    initiate member discounts from supply vendors,
  • be the vehicle to carry your voice or opinions to legislators and/or state agencies on matters concerning the towing industry,
  • be a source of business revenue through contacts with other members,
  • be instrumental in securing better insurance programs for members if it has a large enough member base,
    give members the opportunity to draw information and experience from a varied cross-section of people in their industry,
  • offer the opportunity to develop a camaraderie and friendships with new people,
    allow members access to discount pricing for training seminars and courses.