Welcome to the official website of The Pennsylvania Towing Association. Our interest is in fostering and promoting the interest and welfare of towing, storage, and recovery operators in Pennsylvania.

This Association was started in 1986 when a group of towers saw the need for a group of people who cared about and would address the needs, wants, and issues of towers in Pennsylvania. Just twenty people put in $1000 each to start the towing association for our state. A second group of people – our founding members – donated $100 each. Those early members, several of whom formed our early steering committees, made this association possible.

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Latest News and Events


We are proud to inform you that our team worked hard to get our voices heard at the TRAA legislative workshop this past week. TRAA (Towing Recovery Association of America) represents the towing industry nationwide.
Tuesday began the preliminary workshop to discuss the multiple things our industry is working on to keep our businesses running in a fair competitive manner. There were approximately 70 members of TRAA, including four from the Pennsylvania Towing Association. These members were broken into groups lead by a team captain which then met with legislators from the states that the group represented.
There were four legislative priorities presented in these meetings:

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