The Safety Committee is working hard to achieve a common goal with our members. We want to make the workplace a safe place for all involved. This can only be accomplished by getting all of you involved. It will be a shared responsibility by all involved to make this program a success. Your personal safety is very important to us.

An effective safety committee must encourage safety awareness and get all of its members actively involved in the safety program, motivating employees to follow safety practices. An effective safety program will provide positive feedback to identify and correct safety hazards in the early stages. Through group participation, reporting systems, and meetings, the workplace will become a much safer place for all involved.

Our Mission Statement
To actively encourage safety awareness while identifying hazards and
working cohesively to enhance and maintain a safe working environment.


Safety Committee Members

Wayne McDade, Wayne’s Towing
James Cannaday, Cannaday Towing
Dave Edwards, Abe's Towing
Dan Spies, PTA Executive Director, Independent Business Consultant



Monthly Safety Meetings

We strongly recommend all of our members to hold monthly safety meetings with their employees. We cannot force you to have these meetings, but we can tell you that statistics show that holding safety meetings with your employees does help to prevent personal injuries.

The Safety Committee will post a meeting subject every month. The subject will be posted in PDF format so you can easily download and print the subject. We've provided generic forms for your use (see below).



 June 2020
Safety Meeting

Preventing Unnecessary Accidents & Personal Injury


Safety Meeting Instructions

Generic Sign-In Sheet

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