Vintage Photo Gallery - Our Roots

Great Memories of the Towing Industry, this is where it all started.

These are the trucks that were used back in the day. Some were completely restored while others are in their natural condition. Many of these trucks did not have power-steering, power-brakes or air-conditioning. If it was too hot, you simply opened the window. The drivers relied on chains and turn-buckles to secure their loads. Over the years the trucks improved but many struggled waiting for those improvements. These trucks did not have outriggers or the advanced hydraulics to stabalize the truck when performing extractions. They relied on nearby trees and other fixed objects to anchor the unit down.

We are quite sure that many of you will recognize these trucks and the difficulties the operators had with them. Many of the trucks were equipped with 6-volt charging systems with generators, alternators were not available back then. The drivers relied on single rotary lights and their four-way flashers to warn traffic when performing service calls. If the lights weren't bright enough you could adjust the voltage regulator to make the lights brighter. They did not have radial tires, they had bias-ply tires which did not have the best traction like the radials we have today. Most tires had tubes and tire repairs were very common.   

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